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Letter to the commissioners

From: "Barry & Sue Braun"
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 09:29:07 -0400

Below is a copy of the letter we submitted to the county commissioners as per Chairman Casey’s request and that we will also present in person at the next county commission meeting next week:




(Citizens Against  Reconstruction of Highway 41 North)

P.O. Box 543

Hahira, Georgia 31632


Mr. Rod Casey


Lowndes County Board of Commissioners

325 W. Savannah Avenue

Valdosta, Georgia



Dear Chairman Casey:

We, the representatives of CAR 41 NO., respectfully request that the Lowndes County Commission petition the Georgia DOT to abandon the current plans to widen Old US 41 N.  Approximately 500 residents have signed petitions to this effect, showing the widespread concern citizens have for this project.

While we are aware that the growth in this area has been of concern to you, we do not think that justifies the displacement of families and the elimination of their homes and churches.  We acknowledge that there are specific sections that may need improvement in order to facilitate traffic flow at certain times of the day, but we believe this can be accomplished without the destruction of the character of the area.

 It is at this time, with these thoughts in mind, we ask the Commissioners to take action to support your constituents by honoring this request.

                                                                                            Sincerely yours,


                                                                                             Susan F. Braun


                                                                                             Elizabeth Odom


                                                                                             Jeannette N. Grow

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