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Verizon Boyette Cell Tower Rezoning Application and Justification, 7 Apr 2008
   Verizon Boyette Cell Tower Rezoning Application and Justification
   7 Apr 2008
Jason's Pipeline Presentation, 14 August 2007
   Jason's Pipeline Presentation
   14 August 2007
Petition, 14 August 2007
   14 August 2007
August Packet, 30 Aug 2007
   August Packet
   30 Aug 2007
Letters Re REZ-2007-21, 13 August 2007
   Letters Re REZ-2007-21
   13 August 2007
Trent Coggins Letter Page
   Trent Coggins Letter
   6 August 2007
TRC, 23 July 2007
   23 July 2007
Rezoning Application, REZ-2007-21, 24 May 2007
   Rezoning Application, REZ-2007-21
   24 May 2007
Jason Davenport [index to photographs]

Rezoning TRC Recommendation, 23 July 2007

Packet from Technical Review Committee to Planning Commission

Regarding CASE NUMBER REZ-2007-21 about rezoning all or part of Tax Map 0102 - Parcel 042 on Quarterman Road from E-A (Estate Agricultural District) to R-21 (Medium Density Residential).

Rezoning TRC Recommendation
[Page 1]
Page 1
[Page 2]
Page 2
[Survey Plat]
Survey Plat
[WRPDO Site Map]
WRPDO Site Map
[Zoning Location Map]
Zoning Location Map
[Future Development Map]
Future Development Map
[Mrs. Onice Coppage]
Mrs. Onice Coppage
[Mrs. Onice Coppage (duplicate)]
Mrs. Onice Coppage (duplicate)
[David L. Quarterman]
David L. Quarterman
[John and Joyce Feazell]
John and Joyce Feazell
[Carolyn C. Selby]
Carolyn C. Selby
Letters 2
[John S. Quarterman]
John S. Quarterman
[John S. Quarterman (duplicate)]
John S. Quarterman (duplicate)
[Gretchen Quarterman (page 1)]
Gretchen Quarterman (page 1)
[Gretchen Quarterman (page 2)]
Gretchen Quarterman (page 2)
[Sara D. Touchton]
Sara D. Touchton
Letters 3
[John N. Feazell (clarification)]
John N. Feazell (clarification)
[Gretchen Quarterman (second letter)]
Gretchen Quarterman (second letter)
[Gretchen Quarterman (dup page 1)]
Gretchen Quarterman (dup page 1)
[Gretchen Quarterman (dup page 2)]
Gretchen Quarterman (dup page 2)
[Norene Olsen]
Norene Olsen
Letters 4
[Linda R. Harris]
Linda R. Harris
[Linda R. Harris (duplicate)]
Linda R. Harris (duplicate)
[Gretchen Quarterman (third letter page 1)]
Gretchen Quarterman (third letter page 1)
[Gretchen Quarterman (third letter page 2)]
Gretchen Quarterman (third letter page 2)
[Gretchen Picture: Barkley @ Ingram]
Gretchen Picture: Barkley @ Ingram
Letters 5
[Gretchen Picture: Quarterman Road to Barkley]
Gretchen Picture: Quarterman Road to Barkley
[John S. Quarterman (third letter page 1)]
John S. Quarterman (third letter page 1)
[John S. Quarterman (third letter page 2)]
John S. Quarterman (third letter page 2)
[jsq Picture: trees]
jsq Picture: trees
[jsq Picture: pipeline]
jsq Picture: pipeline

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